Artist Statement


Using mediums of painting, sculpture and performance, my conceptual focus is on the aspects of interpersonal relationships.


As a woman, I cannot view the world through another lens other than from my own feminine experience and perspective.  My work speaks to my view of the world, the things I’ve experienced and the reality I wish to communicate.  My figurative works portray human emotion, empowerment, place, and oppression.  My works seek to elevate by recalling memory as well as illustrating the creative spirit. 


I look for the space where we can praise, protest, celebrate and mourn together, connecting ourselves to each other, alleviating for a moment our separateness and isolation.  Recognizing the importance of an artist in my work is my small contribution to encouraging their efforts.  Not just their image but the experience their performance, to capture the witnessing of performance.


I draw attention to the positive and negative effects of societal influences on interpersonal relationships and how our worldview is formed.

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